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imageHappy Thursday Cyber World! We leave for camping tomorrow and I worked most of the day today so I thought I’d leave you with some happy Instagram fun. Happy and Instagram = Instagrappy. Get it? I come up with such original stuff right? ;)

That’s one of the big problems with the internet! It is significant proof that you can never be original. I bet 20 years ago before the internet was big (or even existed….right? Better Google that!) everyone thought they were so original and full of great ideas. Then, BOOM. Google happens, and you can Google your neat idea….and find out 503,398 other people thought of the same thing. Yesterday.

So then you just turn to things like Facebook where you can hope to be original by updating your status with something like, “Ermagerd, these meatballs are so good! Ballin’ with friends downtown!” (Do you see what I did there with the pun?) Followed by an Instagram picture in Sierra filter of a face with a meatball stuffed halfway down. Or just a big pile of meatballs on a plate at a restaurant. Personally, I go for the face annihilating the meatball. SO much more original. ;)


Team Mother-Daughter Sans the Unoriginal Duck Face Signing Out!

*I swear I was kissing her head, not doing the Duck!*